Rereading Our Childhood

Rereading Freaky Friday by Mary Rodgers

November 02, 2023 Mary Grace McGeehan and Deborah Kalb Season 1 Episode 13
Rereading Our Childhood
Rereading Freaky Friday by Mary Rodgers
Show Notes

In this episode, Mary Grace and Deborah reread one of their childhood favorites, Mary Rodgers' 1972 mother-daughter body-switching story Freaky Friday. They also discuss Rodger's posthumous 2022 memoir Shy, which was a New York Times Notable Book

Mentioned in this episode:

The intro to the PBS show Mystery!, with animation based on illustrations by Edward Gorey.
A Billion for Boris, the sequel to Freaky Friday, which Mary Grace and Deborah both enjoyed as children. 

Summer Switch by Mary Rodgers, in which Ape Face and his dad switch bodies, with less-than-hilarious results. 

Freaky Monday, a supposedly co-authored by actually more like licensed 2009 addition to the franchise. 

The 1976 movie starring Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster. 

The 2003 movie starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan. 

Vice Versa, F. Anstey's 1882 novel about a British man who switches bodies with his son. 

You can find Debby’s author interviews on her blog, Books Q&A by Deborah Kalb, and Mary Grace’s adventures in the 1920s on her blog, My Life 100 Years Ago.

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