Rereading Our Childhood

Rereading Henry Reed, Inc. by Keith Robertson

June 15, 2023 Mary Grace McGeehan and Deborah Kalb Season 1 Episode 3
Rereading Our Childhood
Rereading Henry Reed, Inc. by Keith Robertson
Show Notes

Mary Grace and Deborah discuss Henry Reed, Inc., Keith Robertson's 1958 novel about a boy who starts a research business while spending the summer with his aunt and uncle in a small town near Princeton, New Jersey. This is the first in a five-book series about the adventures of Henry and his friend Midge. 

Other books in the series:

Henry Reed's Journey (1963)

Henry Reed's Baby-Sitting Service (1966)

Henry Reed's Big Show (1970)

Henry Reed's Think Tank (1986) 

As Mary Grace mentions, Robertson's first novel, Ticktock and Jim, is available as a free e-book at Project Gutenberg. 

You can read Robertson's New York Times obituary here

You can read Robertson's daughter Christina's tribute to his honorary daughter Mariko Sasaki Sendai here.

Mary Grace and Deborah discuss these books by Henry Reed, Inc. illustrator Robert McCloskey:

Homer Price (1943)

Centerburg Tales (1951) (the Homer Price sequel that Deborah mentions)

Make Way for Ducklings (1941) 

Also recommended for fans of Henry Reed:

Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective (1963) and the rest of the series, plus Robert McCloskey's Homer Price books, mentioned above. 

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